Three Deaths Prompt Chrysler to Recall 1.4M Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge Model Cars Consumer Safety Watch Warns

Occupant Restraint Control Module Defect

The vehicles involved in the recall include the 2010 Chrysler Sebring midsize car, 2011 to 2014 Chrysler 200 midsize cars and the 2010 to 2012 Dodge Caliber compacts, Dodge Avenger midsize and Jeep Patriot and Compass vehicles.

In a large vehicle recall, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles claim that they will soon be urging owners of 1.4 million vehicles made by Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep to bring their cars into dealers to fix an issue that could keep the air bags from deploying in a crash. The defect has been linked to at least three deaths and at least five injuries in accidents.

The issue is related to a flawed computer, called an ORCM (occupant restraint control module), that is supposed to work in conjunction with a wire harness that detects frontal impacts. "If the occupant restraint control module fails to work as intended, the air bags may not deploy, and the seat belts may not tighten in event of a crash," according to consumer safety advocate Alan Christopher of Consumer Safety Watch.

"If the occupant restraint control module fails to work as intended, the air bags may not deploy, and the seat belts may not tighten in event of a crash"

Alan Christopher, Consumer Safety Advocate

Vehicles included in the recall include:

  • 2010 Chrysler Sebring​
  • 2011 to 2014 Chrysler 200
  • 2010 to 2012 Dodge Caliber
  • Dodge Avenger
  • Jeep Patriot
  • Jeep Compass

Other defects associated with Jeep/Chrysler Vehicles:

  • Airbags will not deploy after frontal collision
  • Sudden inability to steer your car while driving
  • Engine can suddenly shutoff while driving
  • Power brakes may suddenly stop working while driving

A Fiat Chrysler spokesperson has stated that actual recall repairs aren't ready to proceed and that they are "finalizing the remedy and customers will be advised when they may schedule service," which could potentially lengthen the time the dangers to consumers will remain unchanged.

Fiat Chrysler says the occupant restraint controllers and wiring harness cited in the recall are no longer used in its new vehicles, but 1.4 million existing vehicles in the United States and another half million in other countries continue to be operated with the defects.

Source: Consumer Safety Watch